Advanced Safeguarding Champion

Harriet Registered Nurse

Congratulations to our Clinical Lead – Harriet – who recently completed her Advanced Safeguarding Champion qualification.

The Advanced Safeguarding Champion enrolls in a series of qualifications, blended learning and workshops to gain advanced knowledge of safeguarding. Safeguarding adults means protecting those deemed as vulnerable adults who may be at risk of harm, abuse or neglect. Within the home care industry, it is imperative that preventative measures are taken to ensure vulnerable adults are not at risk. This is important in all cases but in particular to live in care, those working with adults within their own home can be left unsupervised. We must ensure that our carers are checked to prevent abuse or neglect at home. Our safeguarding policy works alongside our recruitment process which includes checking previous employment history, work and character references, a police check known as a DBS check and a 5 day training course. After a carer has started work, we offer update training, keeping in touch regularly with our clients and carers and schedule home visits alongside other healthcare professionals such as social workers and district nurses.

The Advanced Safeguarding Champion is able to educate others on forms of abuse alongside prevention and mentor staff in difficult situations. This qualification and Harriet are an asset to our Care Team to ensure the safety of those in our care. We look forward to the future input and implementations that Harriet has to offer to our team and policies. Congratulations Harriet.