Advice To A New Live in Carer

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“I would tell any future applicant that there is a time for work and a time for play… Put your head down and work hard during your placement contract and reap the benefits in your off time.”

Starting your first live in carer placement with a client you might not have met before can be daunting. A lot of thoughts pass through your mind “I hope they like me”, “What if they don’t like my cooking”, “Is this job really for me?”. Although it can be unnerving, we want you to know that you are not alone so we’ve come up with a few suggestions that might help you get the best over the next couple of weeks.


It makes sense really, the more negative thinking you have the more of a negative attitude you gain. Let’s be honest, being a live in carer can be a little isolating in a new area, in someone else’s home. Everyone is different and have different ways of dealing with things but just remember that what you are doing is rewarding. You are helping to assist another person live the lifestyle that they choose. So remember to stay empathetic and open minded, you are doing a great job.


Yes, you may be helping most of the day depending on each of your clients routine but there will come times during the day where you won’t be needed. If it’s your break or just need something to do in the house, find something that will keep you occupied. A lot of live in carers find a local gym within the area, some draw, some read. Whatever it is that you’ve ever wanted to pick up, it’s never too late to try.


It’s the 21st century and the social media era is bigger than ever. ENA likes to keep everyone updated with news and events that are happening and that usually through our social media pages. We have set up specifically an ENA live in carers page for all our current carers who wish to keep updated, it’s also a great tool to keep in contact with other carers if you wish. Why not reach out to others via our social media accounts? Marketing also send out monthly newsletters so it keeps everyone in the loop. We love to hear from you so don’t be shy when it comes to any feedback or suggestions.


There’s a plus side with live in that you don’t have a care in the world when it comes to food and accommodation bills. Being money smart is advice that everyone receives no matter what profession you’re in. It is just a safer way to live in case something *touch wood* unexpected was to happen. This especially can be directed to our backpacking/travelling carers. Your saved up cash comes in handy when you finish a placement and you decide to take a few weeks to hop all over Europe before you return to work. The good thing about ENA is that if you do want to return to us so that you can save up again for your next trip, it’s flexible like that. Just remember that placing carers into work can take time as various clients have different start dates therefore another reason to be money smart.


Make sure you keep in good contact with the office. You will be contacted to check up on how you are and sometimes to find out what your plans are. Any holidays coming up? Give some good notice so that the care team can find someone to replace you. Possibly thinking about taking a break after your placement for a bit but plan to come back in? … let them know that. Everyone in the office will always make time for you, we may be busy, but believe us when we say we really want to hear from you.


The main thing is to just enjoy yourself. Don’t overthink too much, don’t worry too much. Have fun in your placement and see the good out of what you’re doing. Social and work life will always have ups and downs – but remember why you became a live in carer in the first place and the new challenges you are daring to face. Your clients appreciate every little thing that you do for them, more than you know.