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Care Work As Your Career

Is care work the job for you? We have live in care work and home carer vacancies available nationwide. With no previous experience necessary, you could earn between £405-£570 per week during our 4-12 week care work placements with accommodation and food included.

Becoming a Carer is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling roles you could ever do and is a great entry level into the care industry. At the ENA Care Group we are committed to the learning and development needs of all our care work staff. Our Care workers receive on-going professional development meetings with their coordinator and specialist training for specific needs.

Why work for us?

  • Family run company with a family ethos at the heart of our business
  • Competitive pay
  • Food and board included whilst in placement.
  • Support and advice from a company with 20 years experience managing and training specialist care workers.
  • Up to 28 days paid holiday including bank holidays.
  • Free 5-day in-house training course that covers everything needed to be a Live-In Care Worker.
  • Free accommodation whilst training with breakfast and lunch provided.
  • Commitment to career development and training.

Don’t just take our word for it

“I chose to become a live in carer for ENA because as soon as I started to inquire about a position, I was met with enthusiasm, understanding and disclosure. After researching the company a little bit more, I found that their work values and ethos were in line with my own and that their training program was both thorough and considerate [of novices in this industry and specific role] which really appealed to me.”

Carers across the world and nationwide have chosen to work for us in our care work roles. Read why carers across the world decided to work for us: click here

10 Reasons you should consider Care Work

  1. Earn between £425-£500 per week. Care work is a decently paid role and can be financially rewarding. What’s more is your accommodation, bills and food allowance is included as you are caring for and living in somebody’s home during your placement. Which means after tax, you have minimal expenses and you can save most, if not all of, your earnings to travel around the UK in your spare time.

  2. Free Accommodation Provided – Save yourself the financial and mental headache of finding a place to live as soon as, if not before, you arrive in the UK. Hostels are expensive if you end up staying there long term and renting a room involves either a 6 month commitment, a first month’s rental deposit, setting up multiple bills/wifi contract or the hassle of needing to find someone to replace you as soon as you decide you want to move on. Live in Care work provides you with accommodation throughout your placement and each placement has a room specifically for the caregiver saving you a lot of money and aggravation of setting it all up yourself.

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