Carer of the Month August 2016

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The Carer of the Month for August is Damian Olczak – Congratulations!

Damian joined ENA Care Group in February 2016. Since completing his training Damian has completed a couple of placements. One of  the placements he worked for, he is now a returning long term carer. Damian was nominated for Carer of the Month by his Client Jim and double up Carer Mateusz:

“I am writing because I want to nominate Damian for carer of the month. Since he started working with Me and Jim, Damian is very professional, friendly and he cares about Jim and his Job. He has had a really hard time with his family situation which is not good but he still managed to have a smile on his face and do his job properly!! He deserves to be carer of the month.”

We would like to thank Damian personally for all of his hard work and dedication to our Clients.

Each month, a carer of the month is chosen by the care team. If you have a carer you would like to nominate for September, please email with a description of why you think they deserve to be carer of the month. Winning carers receive a bonus in their paypacket and a mention on our website and social media.