Carer of the Month – October

I would like to nominate Marton Jansco for carer of the month as he has been incredible throughout his time with my son Matthew.

Marton has an amazing awareness of Matthew’s needs and has done so much during his time with him.

Marton has researched various clubs and activities for Matthew and indeed after discussions with myself, has arranged various trips out and taken Matthew to parties, to the gym and the Groovy Gecko club on a Tuesday evening.

Marton has also taken Matthew to Wembley to see the England/Estonia match a few weeks ago and doesn’t mind driving Matthew and taking him wherever he wants to go.

We have just booked a mini break for Matthew for an activity holiday in December and Marton will be supporting Matthew before he leaves later in the month.

I am pleased that Matthew has chosen to go on this break and that Marton will be supporting him.  It is sometimes difficult knowing that someone is supporting my son, especially when that someone is unknown to us.

However, with Marton he has fitted in so well with Matthew and his routine and is always  very communicative with him, myself and the rest of the family, that I am completely able to entrust Marton with my son and his daily routines.

Marton has inspired Matthew to keep fit and healthy and also supports him in this area as much as possible.

In short Marton deserves to be carer of the month because Matthew is really pleased that they share the same birthday and he has such a good rapport with him.

I am completely relaxed now knowing that Matthew is receiving live-in care of an impeccable standard.

Many thanks indeed,
Kind regards
Mrs Allen