Carers of the Year

This year we’ve had some fantastic nominations for our Carers of the Year. In fact, we’ve had so many great Carers of the Year Nominations they’ve been impossible to split. We have selected two carers of the year for 2015. 

Our first Carer of the year is Krzysztof Kordowicz, who is one of ENA Care Group’s longest serving carers. He’s been extremely dedicated and loyal to our client Laurence throughout his entire employment with the company. Everyone who meets him has nothing to pay but compliments for his Kind, Caring nature and commands great respect for his work from the Client and his family. What makes Krzysztof so unique is that he’s been extremely selfless, dedicating his time in placement with Laurence for over 7 years.

“Nothing is ever too much trouble for Krzysztof, I constantly receive praise in relation to him going above and beyond his job role to look after Laurence” – Wilfrid McKerras – Senior Care Manager.

We would like to thank Krzysztof personally for his hard work and dedication our client.

Our second Carer of the year is Mateusz Korman, he began working with ENA in January 2015 and has provided impeccable care since joining the team. His warm and friendly nature has been demonstrated countless times and by the excellent feedback he’s received throughout his employment here. Mateusz was nominated by his Colleague Andrew after Jim suffered a life threatening emergency.

“On Tuesday we had a serious emergency at James Elliot’s House, Jim went into cardiac arrest, this was noticed in the 1st instant by Matt. We moved Jim from the bed to the floor and started CPR, Mateusz was instrumental in getting this done, and his sheer physical strength meant that he could keep being bent over Jim’s body and pump his chest for approx 5 minutes, until ambulance (2x) crew arrived. Without Mat performing these life saving actions, Jim would not be with us today”.

We would like to wish all our Carers, Clients and Suppliers, A Happy New Year.

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