Rachel – September’s Live in Carer Award

September’s Carer of the Month Award

Congratulations to our live in carer Rachael Park

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Rachael joined ENA Care Group in January this year and since then he has completed complex placements with high needs. She has been with her current client for 6 months but has done a great job and her experience and ability have grown tremendously.

Rachael was nominated by Gemma, his Care Coordinator for our Live in Carer of the month award:

“I would like to nominate Rachael Park for carer of the month this month.  Rachael has had a long journey with us, at times she has lacked in confidence.  In the few months that I have known Rachael I have seen her confidence growing. This is due to the clinical requirements in placement and support required. Last month, Rachael had a particularly difficult time when another carer left placement suddenly.  Rachael embraced the challenge,  took the lead in her placement and supported our client John and his wife.  Rachael has continued to give a excellent level of care during her time in placement.”

We would like to thank Rachael personally for all of her hard work and dedication to our clients.

X Omari – August’s Carer of the Month

Carer of the Month Award August 2017

Congratulations to X Omari

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This month, Omari has been awarded our Live in Carer of the Month Award.

Omari joined ENA Care Group in 2016 and since then has completed a number of live in care placements with us at ENA. Omari was with his most recent client for just over a year. Sadly his Client passed away whilst under his care.

Omari was nominated by Gemma, his Care Coordinator for the Live in Carer of the month. Please see below for what Gemma has said:

“I would like to nominate Omari as he really has gone the extra mile this month to help the carers to take his client to a festival one weekend.  He also stayed an extra week to ensure that they had a good handover as both carers wanted holiday at the same time. Omari stated he would stay to ensure the continuity of care. 
Omari’s client has recently been in hospital and whilst Omari was on holiday he kept in touch and wanted to leave his holiday early to come and say goodbye, unfortunately he sadly passed away before he could do so.

We would like to thank Omari personally for all of his hard work and dedication to his work.

Christmas Card Competition

Design the ENA Christmas Card

and help raise money for our chosen Christmas Cause

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Image from www.anniebrougham.com


This year at ENA we are holding a Christmas card competition. We are inviting both Carers and Clients to join in and show their creative side by entering a Christmas Card Design to feature as our Christmas Cards. Each year, we create cards to send to friends, family, clients and carers. This year, we would like to raise money by making these available to purchase and your design could be chosen as the ENA Christmas Card which will help raise money for a good cause.

The winning designs will then be used as 3 different ENA Christmas card styles that will then be able to be purchased by Clients, Carers and the public. The winners will also be featured on the back of each card.

To enter, the design needs to be a Christmas themed photograph, drawing, painting or design that you have created.

To enter please send your design in to info@ena.co.uk or post to 2, Wentworth Lodge, Great North Rd, Welwyn Garden City AL8 7SR by 5pm on Wednesday 18th October.

3 winners will then be picked and announced on Friday 20th October.
Good luck!!!

Domiciliary care in Hertfordshire by ENA Hourly Care

Domiciliary care is the name used to describe the kind of service that is given to elderly people or to those who have a disability or illness that means that they cannot do certain things for themselves and need support to achieve independence.

In the early part of the 21st century, the British National Health Service provided domiciliary visits were a continuation of the tradition whereby general practitioners (GPs) met consultants in the patient’s home. The nature of domiciliary visits, has since developed and changed over the last twenty to thirty years due to an increase in the United Kingdom’s ageing population, combined with the emergence of new medical conditions and a lack of resources in the National Health Service (NHS).

This level of care involves carers coming into the home to offer a range of services and it means that the person that needs the care can remain at home rather than having to stay in a hospital or care home. Domiciliary care can be given on a permanent or temporary basis depending on the needs of the individual.

There are all kinds of services that can be offered by Domiciliary Carers. These include:

  • Provision of meals
  • Cleaning
  • Laundry and ironing
  • Personal bathing and washing
  • Help with dressing
  • Help with getting out of and into bed
  • Healthcare services
  • Visiting services
  • Shopping
  • Gardening
  • Maintenance

Many families are choosing domiciliary care – otherwise known as homecare – because it allows them to be in control of the care they receive. With one-to-one personal attention, from either a live-in or hourly carer, care plans are person centred and completely built around the client, helping them to live as independently as possible in the place they love and are familiar.

For some families, a care home may provide everything that’s required for their loved ones and are seen as a safe environment where they can have constant access to the support they need. But the comfort and familiarity of being at home is often overlooked as an option. Medical research demonstrates that familiarity can support with key medical conditions such as dementia. This is where the benefits of domiciliary and live-in care can be seen.

One of the main benefits of domiciliary care is that it provides a substantial level of support without impacting on your loved one’s independence. Care plans can also accommodate for existing day-to-day routines and special circumstances or medical conditions, which means minimal upheaval or changes to your existing schedule and person centred care which is tailored around the individual.

Prevention is better than cure. Many people in the United Kingdom are concerned about falling and often the cause of anxiety for them and their families, especially when they live alone and can also cause withdrawal symptoms and prevent a normal standard of day-to-day living. Having a visiting hourly carer popping in during the day and evening often is enough to provide reassurance and of course during their visit they can assist you with the aspects of daily living that if you undertook them yourself may make you more vulnerable and prone to falling. Having a carer visiting does also mean that if you had fallen the carer would be able to raise the alarm and seek help for you immediately.

Falls are a major concern of the public in the United Kingdom and of the National Health Service (NHS) because of the implications and long term damage they can have, especially to someone who is already frail. Age UK, the nation’s champions for older people, run an annual campaign to raise awareness about falls. They say, “A fall can destroy confidence, increase isolation and reduce independence.” One of the worst outcomes of a fall can be a ‘hip fracture’ – statistics have revealed that 1 in 10 adults over 60, will die within one month of a hip fracture and 1 in 3 adults over 60, within twelve months. These statistics alone produce a compelling case for domiciliary care and live-in care services.

Some services here will be offered by the state of England and many are offered free of charge. Some Care services may only be offered by private firms of domiciliary carers and will incur a cost. In some cases people will be given money from the state, also known as a direct payment, to pay towards buying private domiciliary care services; if they are not offered in their local area. You will be able to find homecare providers in accordance with your geographic location via the UKHCA Care Finder.

How families fund long-term care is a big and challenging consideration when looking at home care options. Depending on personal circumstances, there may be public funding or benefits available to you, or other financing options. We would always recommend you speak to a financial adviser to support navigating through the plethora of financing options available for care. 

Two thirds of Domiciliary care in England is funded via health services, with one third funded privately or via direct payments. If you’re funding care privately, we do recommend that you first research whether any benefits and subsidies are available to you. Other funding options you may want to consider include releasing equity on your home or purchasing an immediate needs annuity.

To identify what specific type of funding – healthcare funding or social care funding – you may be entitled to, it is important to make the distinction between the two types of care. Definitions of social care and healthcare are ambiguous, therefore it is important to explore an array of options and seek advice from medical or legal professionals to provide clarity and eliminate uncertainty to make an informed decision when purchasing homecare services.

Get in touch today with our hourly care team to discuss how one of our domiciliary care packages can help support you or a loved one in the local area of Welwyn Garden City, St Albans, Hatfield, Radlett, Borehamwood, Elstree, Markyate and surrounding villages.

This article was provided courtesy of: Domiciliarycare.com | The definitive guide to homecare

Jocelyn Carer of the Month for July 2017

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Our Carer of the Month for July is Jocelyn Mifsud

Jocelyn joined ENA Care Group in 2010 and since then she has been working long term with her current client Giles. This year it will be a total of 7 years, this is an amazing amount of time and just shows how happy her client is to have her.

Joselyn was nominated by Sana her Care Coordinator for Live in Carer of the month. Please see below for what Sana has said:

“Jocelyn has worked with Giles for over six years. Due to a brain injury Giles has experienced low moods and short term memory difficulties. Despite unpredictability of this placement, Jocelyn has worked with Giles in establishing great routine and at present she manages all aspects of his care. Giles is able to do his weekly physio exercises, social activities, shopping and attending his family gathering with assistance of Jocelyn.

Giles’s family speak really highly of Jocelyn and would like her to continue to work with Giles. Jocelyn has a pleasant personality, great attitude and positive outlook towards her work and I feel she is deserving candidate for the carer of the month.”

June 2017 – Carer of the Month

Congratulations to Jonny, this month’s Carer of the Month

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We unfortunately wished our Care Coordinator Catherine farewell last week who has flown back to Ireland to work in her hometown. She didn’t leave however, without nominating this month’s Live in Carer of the Month – Johnny. Thanks so much to Johnny for his consistently great care work. Here is what she said:


“Johnny has worked with David long term and is a great carer for David. David previously presented with challenging behaviour however he has been very relaxed and settled with Johnny.  Johnny manages all aspects of Davids care. David attends day centre and is currently having problems however Johnny is ensuring that David has the correct support at Day Centre to minimise the problems occurring. Davids family are very happy with Johnny as Davids carer.
Johnny also has worked hard with David to get him exercising. David walks daily and Johnny has got David running! Johnny is a delight to work with and I feel is deserving of carer of the month ”


Congratulations to Johnny for this Month’s Live in Carer award. Do you have a carer who is currently in work that you’d like to nominate for the next month’s Live in Carer Award? We’d love to hear from you – please write a nomination to sarah@ena.co.uk.

May’s Live-in Carer of the Month

We’re pleased to announce our Live in Carer of the Month for May is Ebony Ewington. Although we enjoy receiving nominations for all our carers, this particular nomination has gone into great depth about the great care Ebony has provided, going above what is expected of her. It is always great reading about the great work our carers do, and thank you to Ebony and Tobias for forwarding this onto us.

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Ebony joined ENA Care Group in July 2014 as a live in carer and since then she has completed a couple of long term placements. We have received nothing but excellent feedback for Ebony. Ebony has been working with her client Tobias now for over two years and he has nominated her for carer of the month. Please see below for what Tobias has said:

“My name is Tobias and it is with immense pleasure that I nominate my carer, Ebony, for the ‘Live in Carer Of The Month’ distinction.

She has currently been my carer for over two years and I can honestly say that, thanks to Ebony, my quality of life during this period has been better than at any point since I first began receiving home care support over a decade ago.

Ebony is a wonderful, outgoing, intelligent and compassionate young lady and an outstanding carer, one who makes me consider myself extremely grateful that circumstances conspired to bring her to my doorstep two years ago.

A finer carer one could truly not hope to find, Ebony is an absolute pleasure to share a house with; she is exuberant, sociable and fun, yet considerate and thoughtful—she always respects my space and gives me time to myself when I need it. Ebony is also very resourceful and determined. There is no task, big or small, that she is not willing to tackle in her support of me.

Despite the fine qualities I have thus far mentioned, I firmly believe the one aspect of Ebony’s personality, above all, that makes her such a natural carer is her strong empathy for others.

Ebony has always demonstrated a remarkable insight into my disability and the ways in which it effects my life, both physically and emotionally. She is constantly thinking about situations from my perspective and seeking to identify ways in which she can make my life any easier—whether it be through little acts of thoughtfulness or major beneficial changes to my lifestyle—I could not even attempt to list the untold ways in which Ebony has improved my day-to- day life throughout her time caring for me.

The excellent quality of care that Ebony has provided me, her insightful understanding of my condition and the innumerable spontaneous acts of kindness she has shown me have all contributed to the extremely high regard in which my family and friends hold her—all of whom have witnessed the beneficial effects Ebony’s influence and support has had on me during these last couple of years.

I was recently admitted to hospital with a life-threatening bout of pneumonia which unfortunately occurred while Ebony was away on a short respite break. As soon as she found out that I was in hospital she immediately made the three-hour journey from her family home to the hospital and spent the day with me. She was so concerned that she even offered to abandon the last several days of her break so that she could return to care for me.

It is due, in no small part, to Ebony’s attentive care and heartfelt support since my return from hospital that I have made such an unexpectedly rapid and strong recovery.

This is just a single recent example of her caring nature and the inherent selflessness that Ebony has exhibited throughout her entire time here—one which illustrates that her dedication towards caring for others goes far beyond that which is simply required or expected of her.

I firmly believe that there are very few carers who are more deserving of recognition than Ebony and I greatly welcome this opportunity to share those sentiments with the ENA community.”

Alzheimer’s Society Cupcake Day

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Alzheimer’s Society Cupcake Day June 15th 10.30am – 2.30pm

It’s that time of the year again where we join the Alzheimer’s Society Cupcake Day. All funds raised will go towards those living with Alzheimer’s in the UK. As we did last year, we will be participating in their Cupcake Day event and baking plenty of sweet and even savoury cakes. Tom, our training manager, usually tries to make a protein/meat option which surprisingly go down well every year even winning him joint first place alongside Elise last year. We welcome everyone to join us at our Head Office in Welwyn Garden City to buy our goods between 10.30am-2.30pm.

This year however, the rules will be a little different. Unlike every year where we name 1 star baker – we are splitting the office into 3 teams. Its going to be an epic battle of the bakers, with each team baking individually but competing against the others to raise the most. Each team will have a section on the table and a donation pot. The team with the most donations at the end of the day will be awarded Best Bakers. There will be glory, badges, bragging rights and possibly a small prize… but mainly glory and bragging rights.

The Office Teams are as follows:

Team 1

Clare, Eddy, Mitch, Harriet ,Lisa, Georgiana, Michelle, Sam

Team 2

Catherine, Ella, Phyllis, Sonia, Elise, Jenny, Gemma, Sarah

Team 3

Claudio, Michael, Tom, Joe, Beth, Nicky, Joy, Sana, Harry


Who do you think will win our Alzheimer’s Society Cupcake Day? You can place your vote and donate via our fundraising page: JustGiving

If you’d like to join us in our Bake off then definitely get in touch! We’d love to get you involved in supporting the Alzheimer’s Society.

Get the Mary Berry books out, dust off the whisk and may the odds be ever in your favour 

Live in Carer April 2017

This month we’re proud to announce two winners of our Live in Carer of the Month award.

live in carer, live in care, homecare, care assistant

Dominika joined the ENA Care Group in October 2016 and since then has been a long term Live in Carer for her Client Kate. We have received fabulous feedback for Dominika and Kate has recently nominated her for Carer of the month. Please see below for what Kate has said:

“I feel that Dominika regularly goes above and beyond on a regular basis. I just recently started a healthy eating plan and she spent a good few hours going through all the kitchen cupboards helping me to get rid of any temptations and is always up for cooking new recipes that I find. After the wet winter I mentioned that I wanted to get the garden sorted out and looking nice again.  A few days later after I’d been out, I came home to find that the beds had been weeded and the same weekend we got our hands dirty and restocked the strawberry planter and they’ve already started to flower!  I’d just like her to know that her efforts haven’t gone unnoticed.”


Shirley joined ENA Care Group in August 2013, since then she has completed a number of live in care placements for us, these include long and short term placements and returning to different Clients. We have always received excellent feedback for Shirley especially from her most recent client, Heather. Shirley has been nominated for carer of the month by our Senior Care Manager, Dawn. Please see below for what was said:

“Shirley has made wonderful changes whilst working with Heather. She has kept on top of all of the professionals visiting Heather to ensure she has the best possible care and she has built up a great rapport with Heather and has enabled a calm and happy home. Elise visited recently and said that the atmosphere in the home is very happy and welcoming, the entire house always clean and tidy. Shirley is always putting Heathers needs first. It is a joy to see the relationship they have together.   Whilst on the phone to both Heather and Shirley recently, there was lots of laughter and excitement about things to come in the future and it was a real pleasure to chat with them and hear the positive atmosphere.”

Heather further added about Shirley “it would be an absolutely wonderful idea (to nominate Shirley).  Shirley is a very caring and compassionate woman to the point that she even sets her alarm to come down to give me an antibiotic in the early hours of the morning.  Its been a long time since I have felt so happy and calm. I do hope that Shirley gets chosen as she certainly deserves it.”

Live in Carer March 2017

Our Carer of the Month for March is Loanne Nguyen Congratulations!

Since completing her training here with us at the ENA Care Group in February 2016, Loanne has attended a couple of placements, one of which is her current placement with Sue who she has been with long term for over a year now.

Spinal Injury Carers, live in carer, live-in carer, carer of the month
Sue and her daughter, Emma have nominated Loanne for Live in Carer of the Month::

“I can confirm that Mum and I would very much like to nominate Loanne for carer of the month please. Loanne has been with Mum for over a year now and my Mum is clearly so settled and happy. Loanne and Mum often laugh and sing together and attend many social functions. As well as the fun stuff Loanne makes caring for Mum look easy – managing the other carers that come in and out in Mum’s daily routine and ensuring Mum attends all of her medical appointments. Loanne is clearly a very caring soul and goes out her way to make sure Mum is comfortable and enjoying life and I just wanted a chance to say thank you.

Elise who is Sue’s Care Co-Ordinator also had a few words to say about Loanne:

“I’d like to add onto this that I have witnessed Loanne go above and beyond with Sue. She is also so efficient and proactive. If we discuss something in a visit, by the time I’ve got back to the office Loanne has looked into it, made whatever phone calls and emailed me with the updates.

Last time I visited, I told Emma and Loanne about food soaking with thick n easy and within the next couple of days Loanne had researched and tried it out with Sue. This meant Sue was able to have biscuits and cake again for the first time in a long time.

She always has Sue’s needs at the forefront of her mind and nothing is ever too much.”

We would like to thank Loanne personally for all of her hard work and dedication to our Clients.