Celebrating 10 Years Together

Enabling people to stay within the comfort of their own home with with minimal disruption to their routine and chosen lifestyle is what the ENA Care Group stands for. Our care team work hard to match ideal care assistants and clients together that have the potential to form a close and professional relationship for the long term. A long term placement can provide a variety of benefits and we are lucky to have so many devoted care assistants who work in 8 to 12 week placements and even have care assistants who have worked with a particular client for years. For example, a long term placement can be more stable and reduce the amount of repetition and stress of a hand-over. As a care assistant and client get to know each other, it can also be the best way of developing how 2 people like to work and live together. In some circumstances, carers can become a client’s translator as they learn how a person is able to communicate through body movements and speech.

Today, we’d like to introduce Violetta and Lesley. Violetta and Lesley have been working together for 10 years now. A major achievement! When their care co-ordinator let us know they would shortly be celebrating 10 years, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to celebrate with them. We drove to Lesley’s home to take a few photos of them together. They showed us the last photo they had taken of each other a few years ago and we were really excited to take some new snaps of them at home. We think they look rather dashing…

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