Live in Carer March 2017

Our Carer of the Month for March is Loanne Nguyen Congratulations!

Since completing her training here with us at the ENA Care Group in February 2016, Loanne has attended a couple of placements, one of which is her current placement with Sue who she has been with long term for over a year now.

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Sue and her daughter, Emma have nominated Loanne for Live in Carer of the Month::

“I can confirm that Mum and I would very much like to nominate Loanne for carer of the month please. Loanne has been with Mum for over a year now and my Mum is clearly so settled and happy. Loanne and Mum often laugh and sing together and attend many social functions. As well as the fun stuff Loanne makes caring for Mum look easy – managing the other carers that come in and out in Mum’s daily routine and ensuring Mum attends all of her medical appointments. Loanne is clearly a very caring soul and goes out her way to make sure Mum is comfortable and enjoying life and I just wanted a chance to say thank you.

Elise who is Sue’s Care Co-Ordinator also had a few words to say about Loanne:

“I’d like to add onto this that I have witnessed Loanne go above and beyond with Sue. She is also so efficient and proactive. If we discuss something in a visit, by the time I’ve got back to the office Loanne has looked into it, made whatever phone calls and emailed me with the updates.

Last time I visited, I told Emma and Loanne about food soaking with thick n easy and within the next couple of days Loanne had researched and tried it out with Sue. This meant Sue was able to have biscuits and cake again for the first time in a long time.

She always has Sue’s needs at the forefront of her mind and nothing is ever too much.”

We would like to thank Loanne personally for all of her hard work and dedication to our Clients.