Live in Carer of the Month – January 2017

Live in Carer of the Month – January 2017

Our Live in Carer of the Month for January is Nadine Raj Congratulations!

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Nadine joined the ENA Care Group in August 2013. Nadine began working for us after training completing a couple of placements within her first 2 months. Shortly after, Nadine then went on to care for a lady named Sheena who she has been with ever since. Nadine was nominated by Sheena’s relatives, please see below for what they have said:

“Nadine has a really wonderful relationship with Sheena. This has been cultivated by Nadine and is, in our view, key to the quality of life that Sheena enjoys.

We are in no doubt that Nadine’s care of Sheena goes well beyond the requirements of the job. She is excellent at all the usual skills required of a carer, such as feeding Sheena (which is particularly important in Sheena’s case). But she also has fun with Sheena, jokes with her and more broadly relates to her as a ‘normal’ human being. We believe this enhances Sheena’s quality of life and is key to Sheena’s happiness.”

We would like to thank Nadine personally for all of her hard work and dedication to our Clients.

We are always looking for open minded, caring people of all ages and backgrounds to join our team of live in carers nationwide and hourly carers within Hertfordshire. Have you considering becoming a Live in Carer? It’s a job that does not require any previous experience but a caring and professional attitude is a must. It is a demanding but rewarding role.

Our live in carers  are trained to a high level in; personal care, nursing care and manual handling. They can also assist with more specialist care needs such as suctioning, peg feeding, tracheostomy care, catheter care, spinal injury care, elderly care and end of life care. Why not speak to a member of our recruitment team and start your career in Care today.