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About us

We are a leading provider of live in care services and have specialised in providing the highest quality of care for the past 20 years. We are renowned for offering a reliable and professional service with trained care assistants that are second to none.

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Founded by Clare and Claudio to help a family friend named Edna return home to her husband from hospital, the ENA Care Group know how important quality, flexible and reliable care is at all times. We also know the problems and apprehensions you may face when choosing what live in care services you need and who will provide them. With our qualified team of Care Co-ordinators, each with extensive backgrounds in specialist healthcare professions and our 24/7 fast response service, you can rest assured you are in safe hands at all times.
It is from our early beginnings and the extensive experience providing home care and live in care services for the past 2 decades that the ENA Care Group will endeavour to promote independence and individual choice through specialist care in the home. This is reflected in each tailored care service and our highly qualified members of staff within our office.

Inspired by Edna, it is her story that continues to drive our company ethos and why we will endeavour to provide the highest quality of care in the home.

How ENA Began

live in care servicesEdna developed juvenile arthritis in her teens, which made movement in her arms and legs gradually more difficult. In 1993 aged 63, Edna had an accident in her home slipping over in her bathroom and breaking her arm. During her stay in hospital the on duty nurses did not know or would often forget that Edna was unable to eat unassisted and Edna would regularly be overlooked. Edna had a lot of close friends from her local church and a devoted husband – Ronnie – between them all they were able to help check in on Edna throughout the day. Over time, it began to become harder and harder to ensure that Edna was being cared for properly and Ronnie, also arthritic in his legs and arms was unable to care for Edna alone. It became clear to Clare, a full time registered nurse with 3 young children that the health of her friend was beginning to deteriorate. That was when Clare and Claudio decided to invite Edna to stay in their home until they found a long-term solution to helping Edna live at home again with Ronnie. Edna had become so frail during her stay in hospital that the day Edna discharged herself Clare’s brother could easily lift her from her bed to the car to take her home.

“I will always remember the time Edna lived with us. Our children would come home from school and climb up on Edna and Ronnie to show them what they had done that day. My fondest memory is of my 5 year old twin girls preparing Weetabix with honey and feeding Edna breakfast every morning.” – Clare Duran

From then on Clare and Claudio trialled other care companies whilst pushing for funding for Edna. Many companies did not provide long-term live-in care and those that did only provided companionship packages as 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off. This left Edna and Ronnie having to explain their care needs to untrained companionship carers every fortnight. These carers were also unable to care for 2 adults with mobility difficulties, which still left Edna and Ronnie relying heavily on friends to help them wash, dress and leave the house. By this point it was clear that other companies were unable to provide the standard of live-in care at home that Edna and Ronnie needed. Edna asked Clare and Claudio to help find her carers and ensure they were capable of caring for her and her husband. Clare and Claudio found 2 carers – Tony and Michel – who were trained to care for Edna and Ronnie and live with them in their home and the European Nursing Agency (ENA), began.

The ENA Care Group

ENA has gone from strength to strength increasing through word of mouth and recommendations alone. In 2010 Clare and Claudio launched Elisa Nursing Care, named after Claudio’s Mother. This company was founded to provide domiciliary home care and ENA and Elisa combined to create the ENA Care Group combined to provide quality long term and short-term care in the home.

Why choose us?

“Since becoming an ENA client, I’ve become a much more confident person and have made some lasting friendships with my carers,” Miss H – London

Tony and Michel cared full time for both Ronnie and Edna at home until Ronnie passed away in 2006 and Edna in 2009. The story of Ronnie, Edna, Tony and Michel form the foundation and core values of the ENA Care Group, which is still run by Clare, Claudio and their children today. It is because of Edna that the ENA Care group will endeavour to provide flexible and quality 24-hour care and live in care services to promote an individual’s independence and choice to stay at home.

Our Values

The ENA Care Group was founded to enable an inspirational lady maintain her independence at home and to help others who need extra assistance from trained carers. The values instilled by Edna over 20 years ago are still and will continue to be apparent in the services we offer today.

“I know that ENA & Elisa understand how important it is for me to feel comfortable and happy.” Mrs V – Wiltshire

We have been a leading home care provider for 20 years, being the first company to offer 3 month packages as opposed to the fortnightly options offered by most other agencies. It is because of our 3 month care packages that we have become a specialist and leading live in care services provider in the home offering a flexible care solution, empowering our clients to establish their own routines with minimal disruption to their care needs.

“I chose ENA as my care provider as their carers work for 3 months which not only gives me continuity of care but having a very busy lifestyle, lets me plan my life months, rather than days in advance” Mrs D – Hampshire

We also pride ourselves on really taking the time to listen to our clients needs and constantly improving our live in care services making us an innovative and current care company that will take on feedback from the people who know best, our client’s and carers.

“Our coordinator genuinely cares about us and wants to do their absolute best to ensure that we get the care we’re entitled to.  When we call our coordinator with a problem or a query, and when he visits us, he always makes time to listen and no problem is too big for him to handle. Not once have we been made to feel like a nuisance.” Mrs B – Bedfordshire

The company began as a family run business and as we have grown, we have never lost sight of our family ethos. We are committed to ensuring that all of our staff have the correct caring attitude and dedication to help others that we believe compliments the company values. Treating everyone with dignity and respect forms the foundation of our company and is implemented by the professionalism and attitude from every member of our team.