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Client Testimonials

Over 80% of our clients have been referred to us by friends or family and we pride ourselves for really listening to the people who know best about our care services – our Clients. We welcome all feedback and really take on board comments, suggestions and ideas to continue to improve the services we offer.

As a company we are continually developing our services and our training to improve and innovate what we offer to individuals. This is apparent in the care options we provide, the caring attitude of our staff and the feedback we receive from our current clients.

Here, you can read our client testimonials for short term and live in care reviews and what our clients have to say about us:

About our services

“I became a client in 2008. I chose ENA as my care provider as their carers work for a minimum of 3 months which gives me continuity of care and also having a busy lifestyle, this enables me to plan my life months, rather than days, in advance.” Mrs D, Hampshire

“My brother, sister and I would like to thank you and your team very much for the help and support you gave us when Mum came out of hospital.

You moved heaven and earth to provide live in care for Mum from the day of discharge, which was so important for us.

Our care assistant was a godsend.  She struck just the right note with Mum, remaining discreetly in the background until needed, and providing gentle, considerate care when with Mum.  She always treated Mum with respect and dignity, and her manner was quiet and restrained.  This all meant so much to us.

All in all, we are indebted to ENA and ELISA, and to you personally,  Harriet, for all your kindness.  Please pass on our sincere thanks to all who came to help Mum.” – A, J & M, Hertfordshire

“I would like to thank your team for my Mother’s wonderful home care – please thank Jeanette and Rachel again for all they did as we could not have done it without them”Mr H, Hertfordshire

“ENA Care Group send me carer profiles so that I can select the carer who will be coming to care for me. This gives me choice and control over my care and I think this is very important, as the carer will be in my home for 3 months. The profiles give me an idea of any past caring experience the carer might have and their personality.” Mr L – Hertfordshire

I love being an ENA client and hope to continue having my care provided by them for many years to come!” – Mr P, Devon

“Can I take this opportunity to thank you and your company for providing my mother with an excellent care plan and in particular I would like to thank and congratulate Debbie on being a thoughly professional and friendly carer who is always willing to do a little extra when needed. Thank you again.” Mr R Hertfordshire

‘My carer has enabled me to participate fully in my busy life which sometimes includes early mornings and late nights. She has fitted in and is flexible around what I need to do and vice versa when necessary. Even if I have to change plans at the last minute it is never a problem to her. She has respected confidentiality throughout.” Mr D, Milton Keynes

“I wanted to write to say a belated but heartfelt thank you to you. I have learned a great deal recently from witnessing the very constructive, sympathetic approach your carers, including Jessie, Hayley and Victoria have adopted in these situations.

Earlier this year and end of last seemed to be a particularly tough time and I was very impressed with the improvement of their wellbeing following the meeting that you and your team conducted with her and the subsequent actions you took. The professional and caring way you handled this including bringing the team to our home must have taken a lot of time, expertise and careful thought.

We (mother, cousin and I) just wanted you to know that we really appreciate all that you have done.” Ms C Hertfordshire

“It is a fine service, the agency ensures that my wellbeing is paramount.” Mr L, Hertfordshire

“If I had any problems I would contact the agency at once. I’d be scuppered without them.” Mrs M, Cornwall

“I can’t speak highly enough of them. They are very reliable and if something rarely goes amiss, one call sorts it all out.” Mr M, Kent

“They came to the house and met with us all, they went through the assessment and care plan with us and we tinkered around with it until we were all happy with the plan.” Mrs J – Hertfordshire

“Our biggest fear is of my relative falling, I want my relative to be mobile but sat and the staff at the ENA Care Group help this to happen. We all discuss her requirements and the carers follow the plan we all agree.” – Ms M, Berkshire

“The ENA & Elisa carers go above and beyond to help Dad out. They really do care about him and I appreciate all their hard work. It’s a huge relief knowing I can rely on their carers and when they say they’ll be there, they always are.” – Ms M, Hertfordshire

About our staff


“I find having face to face contact every couple of months with my care Co-ordinator very helpful. They visit to make sure everything is going well with my care. They are extremely supportive and I know that I can always talk to them either in person, by email or over the phone in the very rare event that there’s a problem with my care. If there is a problem and a carer needs to be replaced, I am never made to feel guilty for asking for a different carer as ENA & Elisa understand how important it is for their clients to feel comfortable and happy.” – Mrs V, Wiltshire

“The training my carers receive is second-to-none. This shows in the professional and compassionate way in which they work. I’m never made to feel that when they’re working with me that it’s just a job. I’m treated by all my carers with the utmost respect and dignity.” – Mr W, Cheshire

“Since becoming a client, I’ve become a much more confident person and have made some lasting friendships with my carers.” – Miss H, London

“I hope that it is clear how life has improved for me since I had live in care. My confidence and manipulative skills have improved enormously. My long term regular carer deserves credit for this, she never takes over or offers to do things unless I ask her. For example she would leave my make up a while before coming to put it away. While waiting I would try to put the lids back on, now I can do them all and put them back in the box with subsequent improvement in other manipulative tasks.
In conclusion, thank you ENA and your carers, you have given me my life back.”
Ms B, Hampshire

“My Co-ordinator is very helpful. He visits to make sure everything is going well with my care. He is extremely supportive and I know I can always talk to him either in person, by email or over the phone if, in the rare event, that there’s a problem with my care.” – Mrs M, Oxfordshire

“We realised that he genuinely cares about us and wants to do his absolute best to ensure that we get the care we’re entitled to. When we call our Co-ordinator with a problem or a query, and when he visits us, he always makes time to listen and no problem is too big for him to handle. Not once have we been made to feel like a nuisance” – Mr and Mrs B, Bedfordshire

“I would recommend ENA to other clients. I have found them to be professional, friendly and very supportive. My Co-ordinator has given me tremendous support and is always willing to assist in anyway they can”. Miss W, Sussex

“Me and my carer have become great friends, she is almost like family. She’s very caring and thoughtful and makes me smile and laugh whenever she is around.” Miss R, London

“I need everything and the staff are very understanding, careful and respectful in the way they look after me.” Mr H, Buckinghamshire

“I feel well treated. The care workers treat me with dignity and respect, despite their different personalities.” – Mr R, Essex

“The management and senior members of staff are always respectful and address any concerns immediately in an unpatronising way.” – Mr S, London

“I have had the same carer for 3 years and the carers I have during her breaks and annual leave are excellent.” – Mrs E, Surrey

“I feel safe cared for by the ENA & Elisa staff. I have never had any concerns about being exploited or being in any way at harm. I happily let my domiciliary carer walk around my home with no concerns, they are like family.” – Mrs A, Hertfordshire

“If there are any issues, I speak with the care co-ordinator, who is extremely helpful and I can’t fault them.” – Mr M, London

“Our carer has completely exceeded our expectations” – Mr and Mrs P, Oxfordshire

“My carer is genuine, friendly and a hard working, caring person. She’s not just my carer but my best friend.” Mr P, Bedfordshire

Care Quality Commission (CQC)

The high quality of our services and what you can expect from us are reflected in our CQC reports, which are all current and up to date to this year. You can find our current CQC report on the home page.