Live in Carer April 2017

This month we’re proud to announce two winners of our Live in Carer of the Month award.

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Dominika joined the ENA Care Group in October 2016 and since then has been a long term Live in Carer for her Client Kate. We have received fabulous feedback for Dominika and Kate has recently nominated her for Carer of the month. Please see below for what Kate has said:

“I feel that Dominika regularly goes above and beyond on a regular basis. I just recently started a healthy eating plan and she spent a good few hours going through all the kitchen cupboards helping me to get rid of any temptations and is always up for cooking new recipes that I find. After the wet winter I mentioned that I wanted to get the garden sorted out and looking nice again.  A few days later after I’d been out, I came home to find that the beds had been weeded and the same weekend we got our hands dirty and restocked the strawberry planter and they’ve already started to flower!  I’d just like her to know that her efforts haven’t gone unnoticed.”


Shirley joined ENA Care Group in August 2013, since then she has completed a number of live in care placements for us, these include long and short term placements and returning to different Clients. We have always received excellent feedback for Shirley especially from her most recent client, Heather. Shirley has been nominated for carer of the month by our Senior Care Manager, Dawn. Please see below for what was said:

“Shirley has made wonderful changes whilst working with Heather. She has kept on top of all of the professionals visiting Heather to ensure she has the best possible care and she has built up a great rapport with Heather and has enabled a calm and happy home. Elise visited recently and said that the atmosphere in the home is very happy and welcoming, the entire house always clean and tidy. Shirley is always putting Heathers needs first. It is a joy to see the relationship they have together.   Whilst on the phone to both Heather and Shirley recently, there was lots of laughter and excitement about things to come in the future and it was a real pleasure to chat with them and hear the positive atmosphere.”

Heather further added about Shirley “it would be an absolutely wonderful idea (to nominate Shirley).  Shirley is a very caring and compassionate woman to the point that she even sets her alarm to come down to give me an antibiotic in the early hours of the morning.  Its been a long time since I have felt so happy and calm. I do hope that Shirley gets chosen as she certainly deserves it.”