Live in Carer of the Month – Feb 2017

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Our Live in Carer of the Month for February is Ben Stewart Congratulations!

Ben joined ENA Care Group in October 2016. Since completing his live in carer training Ben has been working long term with his client Simon. Simon has nominated Ben for carer of the month, please see below for what Simon has said:
“My name is Simon and I am putting Ben Stewart forward for the live in carer of the month and here’s why:

The reason I am putting Ben forward is, I was admitted into hospital with pneumonia in January. Ben came in every day for the 4 days whilst I was in hospital and helped me as much as he could with feeding, helping turning and generally any aspect of care. I’m nominating him, not just for that in general, but Ben is willing to listen to guidance from the district nurses or myself concerning my specific habits and vice versa. He is very caring, which is the most important aspects and that’s why I’m putting him forward for carer of the month.”

We would like to thank Ben personally for all of his hard work and dedication to our Clients.