Macmillan Coffee Morning

macmillan coffee morning, office fundraising,On September 27th we held a Macmillan world’s biggest coffee morning bake off at the ENA office. There were lots of Cakes and Bakes made by the office staff for the ENA Bake off.

To raise money and support the Macmillan Cancer Support Foundation, Elise organised our Coffee Morning last week. Amongst the treats there was a courgette cake, burnt brownies, an array of cupcakes, a vegan chocolate cake, raspberry and white chocolate cake and m&m cookies. Our Training Manager Tom made a ‘Bacon Bomb’ which was all meat. It had a pork center wrapped in Bacon which was demolished by everyone in the office. Elise, our Care Co-ordinator made a Lemon Meringue Cake which she blow torched in-front of our very eyes.

Claudio Sampled a selection of every cake and pronounced Meringue – Marrangay – as he announced Tom and Elise as our day bakers which had everyone in stitches.

Adjacent offices also contributed to the day, coming in to buy cake and even baking treats for our cake display. Everyone got involved and we must say a huge thanks to Elise who organised the whole event in collaboration with Dessert First which she runs herself.

We managed to raise a whopping £140! Thank you to all that contributed and donated.

macmillan coffee morning, fundraising, live in care agency

macmillan coffee morning, live in care agency, carer agency