May’s Live-in Carer of the Month

We’re pleased to announce our Live in Carer of the Month for May is Ebony Ewington. Although we enjoy receiving nominations for all our carers, this particular nomination has gone into great depth about the great care Ebony has provided, going above what is expected of her. It is always great reading about the great work our carers do, and thank you to Ebony and Tobias for forwarding this onto us.

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Ebony joined ENA Care Group in July 2014 as a live in carer and since then she has completed a couple of long term placements. We have received nothing but excellent feedback for Ebony. Ebony has been working with her client Tobias now for over two years and he has nominated her for carer of the month. Please see below for what Tobias has said:

“My name is Tobias and it is with immense pleasure that I nominate my carer, Ebony, for the ‘Live in Carer Of The Month’ distinction.

She has currently been my carer for over two years and I can honestly say that, thanks to Ebony, my quality of life during this period has been better than at any point since I first began receiving home care support over a decade ago.

Ebony is a wonderful, outgoing, intelligent and compassionate young lady and an outstanding carer, one who makes me consider myself extremely grateful that circumstances conspired to bring her to my doorstep two years ago.

A finer carer one could truly not hope to find, Ebony is an absolute pleasure to share a house with; she is exuberant, sociable and fun, yet considerate and thoughtful—she always respects my space and gives me time to myself when I need it. Ebony is also very resourceful and determined. There is no task, big or small, that she is not willing to tackle in her support of me.

Despite the fine qualities I have thus far mentioned, I firmly believe the one aspect of Ebony’s personality, above all, that makes her such a natural carer is her strong empathy for others.

Ebony has always demonstrated a remarkable insight into my disability and the ways in which it effects my life, both physically and emotionally. She is constantly thinking about situations from my perspective and seeking to identify ways in which she can make my life any easier—whether it be through little acts of thoughtfulness or major beneficial changes to my lifestyle—I could not even attempt to list the untold ways in which Ebony has improved my day-to- day life throughout her time caring for me.

The excellent quality of care that Ebony has provided me, her insightful understanding of my condition and the innumerable spontaneous acts of kindness she has shown me have all contributed to the extremely high regard in which my family and friends hold her—all of whom have witnessed the beneficial effects Ebony’s influence and support has had on me during these last couple of years.

I was recently admitted to hospital with a life-threatening bout of pneumonia which unfortunately occurred while Ebony was away on a short respite break. As soon as she found out that I was in hospital she immediately made the three-hour journey from her family home to the hospital and spent the day with me. She was so concerned that she even offered to abandon the last several days of her break so that she could return to care for me.

It is due, in no small part, to Ebony’s attentive care and heartfelt support since my return from hospital that I have made such an unexpectedly rapid and strong recovery.

This is just a single recent example of her caring nature and the inherent selflessness that Ebony has exhibited throughout her entire time here—one which illustrates that her dedication towards caring for others goes far beyond that which is simply required or expected of her.

I firmly believe that there are very few carers who are more deserving of recognition than Ebony and I greatly welcome this opportunity to share those sentiments with the ENA community.”