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Respite Care

We provide a Short term, also known as respite care, service. For whatever reason, this usually involves the provision of a relief carer for a short one off period of time. This may be to relieve the usual caregiver who is needed elsewhere or taking a short excursion or break. Our respite carers have been trained in-house and have been through all the necessary safeguarding checks required of all our full time live in carers. Respite carers are able to cover all types of care needs from personal care to general housework. Find out more about our carers, our recruitment and selection process.

respite care Our fast response service is also included to ensure that you can get through to an on-call co-ordinator should anything go amiss in this short period of time. Our on-call carers can provide care or solutions at a moments notice, which means that our short term care services run as smoothly and as reliably as our long term live in services.

We also provide other quality care services such as hourly care and full-time live in care. Find out more about our other services.

Fast Response

Our Fast Response service is also included in all the services we provide. Read more about our Fast Response.


Over 80% of our clients have been referred to us by friends or family and we pride ourselves for really taking the time to listen and help each of our clients whether it is about their care service or if they need help finding funding. As a company we are continually developing our services and our training to improve and innovate what we offer to individuals. This is apparent in the care options we provide, the caring attitude of our staff and the feedback we receive from our current clients.

Read what our current clients have to say about us.


The high quality of our services and what you can expect from us are reflected in our CQC reports, which are all current and up to date to this year. To read all of our CQC reports, please click the logo at the bottom of the page. You can also read our latest CQC report for our Live In Services by clicking here.

Specialist Care

respite care We have been providing care to a wide spectrum of individuals with varied specialist requirements and needs. We take the time to listen to each individual and develop a care plan around their needs and what they require from a carer and service provider in order to remain as independent as they please. We have taken on board and developed ideas from those that really know about care and what a care service should provide – our clients. We specialise in providing highly trained carers to assist individuals with Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Dementia, Spinal Injury and those who have previously suffered from a Stroke. From working alongside these individuals for the past 20 years and developing great relationships with them we are proud of the specialist services we offer.

An example of roles a live in carer is trained to undertake:

  • Personal Care – i.e. bathing, washing, teeth cleaning, hair care, nail care, foot care, eye care etc. as appropriate
  • Assistance with dressing and undressing as required
  • Daily exercise, often as directed by the physiotherapist
  • Assistance with mealtimes as required
  • Helping the client in and out of bed or wheelchair using a hoist where applicable
  • Mobility assistance, including manual handling transfers and pushing wheelchairs
  • Drivers to attend recreational activities or appointments
  • Encouragement to maintain their independence within their limitations
  • Companionship
  • Establish a rapport with the client by giving support and having regard for the clients needs
  • Encouragement to use prescribed equipment and assist with the use of the equipment when authorised by the Care Manager/Care Coordinator or a registered healthcare professional
  • Contact a doctor, emergency services or make appointments
  • Administration of prescribed medications
  • Prepare and cook meals
  • Help with general housework, cleaning and domestic tasks to maintain a high quality of living which the client may not ordinarily achieve without assistance
  • Toileting, assisting with bowel and bladder management, fitting of urinary devices and dealing with incontinence management (in some cases)

What you can expect from us:

  • Dedicated Care Co-ordinator
  • Highly trained Carer
  • Flexible and reliable care service
  • Exceeding the guidelines recommended by the CQC
  • Help and advice
  • Friendly, compassionate and professional Office staff
  • Fast Response 24/7