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Spinal Injury

spinal injury carers

Specialist Spinal Injury Carers at Home

We have the experience of the past 20 years working alongside our clients with spinal injury to ensure our spinal injury carers and PAs are equipped and trained to assist you at home. Having a live in PA can offer you the flexibility you may need to continue to do the things you want to do. You might have a busy social or work routine but need assistance with your morning routine, driving to appointments and getting in and out of your chair. Our spinal injury carers and PAs are trained in a variety of necessary mobility requirements from transfer boards to hoists. If you need extra assistance with communication or are non-verbal, having a live in carer means you can form a close working relationship and in turn they can develop an understanding of how you communicate with others.

Our specialist spinal injury carers are trained to assist with; personal care, mobility difficulties including manual handling, everyday activities such as social visits and light housework. They are also assessed by an external driving company during their first week of training to ensure a good standard and they commit to 6-12 weeks per placement so you can make plans months instead of weeks in advance.

Each of our spinal injury carers complete training that has been overseen and contributed to by our clients with spinal injury to ensure our spinal injury carers are knowledgeable in Manual handling, personal care, pressure sores and personal care.

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At the ENA Care group, we believe that highly trained and professional care assistants is what makes us stand out from the crowd.We hold high expectations of our staff, and all carers must pass our training programme before being asked to join our team of care assistants. We take care of ensuring our spinal injury carers are fully trained, have a completed background check and are safe and competent to work. As our spinal injury carers are employed by us, we also cover holiday and sickness and all the legalities of employment so you don’t need to worry. We also offer a 24/7 fast response service which is lead by experienced on-call carers who can step in at a moments notice should an emergency arise.

In addition, we have a multi-disciplinary team of care managers working from our head office who are qualified healthcare professionals including registered nurses and an occupational therapist. One of whom will be designated to you and support your carers in work. This means you are provided with a team of healthcare professionals, a team of stand-by carers and an on-call emergency service should anything go amiss.

The ENA Care Group are also in corporate membership with the Spinal Injury Association and hold events to support and fundraise for the SIA.

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