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Parkinson’s Care

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Being diagnosed with Parkinson’s can be incredibly daunting for everyone involved. There are many community support groups, charities and research that, combined with a trained care assistant and a qualified healthcare professional, can ensure that you and your family do not face the onset of Parkinson’s alone. Have you considered a Parkinson’s care specialist to help support you at home? We have extensive experience in providing key skills to our care assistants to provide Parkinson’s care within your own home.

One to One Support is Key

The symptoms of Parkinson’s and the impact of these are completely unique to you. If you have come to find you require more assistance at home, residential care homes or centers are not the only solution. The support of a trained care worker within your own home means you can keep doing the things you want to do with no compromise to your independence and lifestyle. This also means a trained Parkinson’s care assistant can be on hand at all times throughout the day and night, should you need it.

Our Specialist Training Team

Who or what can prepare a care assistant for work? Each of our care assistants must pass our 5-day training course as well as meet our security and safeguarding checks which has been developed by our experienced training and recruitment team. The training assessment covers everything a care assistant needs to know and is lead by a registered nurse to ensure our care assistants are equipped emotionally and practically to support adults within their own homes. Everyone is different and many people often forget that Parkinson’s care in particular need emotional as well as practical support. This is particularly the case when dealing with the new challenges and symptoms of Parkinson’s as they present themselves. We pride ourselves on our highly trained members of staff and care assistants to work as a team to bring you and your family the support you need. With 20 years experience providing live-in care at home, our training programme is continuously developing and we understand the importance of ensuring our care assistants are fully trained and supported by us at all times.

We care for many individuals who require different levels of assistance and over the past 20 years, working alongside our clients with Parkinson’s, created a specialist training programme. This means we have been able to develop and personalise our training and ensure our Parkinson’s care assistants are equipped to assist you at home, whilst being continually supported by our care team within our head office. Our Parkinson’s care assistants are also assessed by an external driving company during their first week of training to ensure a good standard, and they commit to 8-12 weeks per placement to promote continuity in your routine and lifestyle.

“Our care assistant was a godsend. She struck just the right note with Mum, remaining discreetly in the background until needed and providing gentle, considerate care. She always treated Mum with respect and dignity. This all meant so much to us.”  – A, J & M, Hertfordshire