Trained Live-In Care

Trained Live-In Care Vs Family Care Providers

As you grow older, you may find you have declining health problems, reduced mobility and less independence. This can be difficult to come to terms with, especially if you have always lived an active, independent life.

As health declines, many elderly people require some form of caregiving help, often from family members. However, there are sometimes reasons why an elderly person would prefer or need professional care. This is where the assistance of a live-in carer can be a viable option.

Here are some occasions where the help of a trained live-in carer may be a preferred option to family help.

trained live-in care

Living At Home

Having elderly needs doesn’t necessarily mean a person will have to leave their own home. Sense of home is important to us all; having our possessions around us, in familiar surroundings.

Moving in with other family members is not always the best solution. There may be lack of space, the house may be unsuitable for an elderly person’s needs, and often, family relationships can be strained and challenged.

A trained live-in carer gives an elderly person the possibility of staying in their own home and maintaining a degree of independence without having to move away.

Personal Care

An elderly person may need assistance with bathing and toiletry needs. Having to rely on the help of another person with intimate daily routines can be embarrassing for a once independent person.

Many elderly people needing help with their personal care, feel a loss of dignity, privacy and even shame when having to rely on a family member for help.

A trained live-in carer is a professional. They are experienced in taking care of a client’s most private needs with discretion, patience and consideration. Sometimes it’s easier to accept the help of a professional carer rather than someone close to you.

A trained live-in carer is also trained to manage manual handling, minimising the risk of injury to the elderly client or themselves.

trained live-in care


An elderly person’s family may not live near them, or even in the same country so care on a daily basis may not be practical or even possible.

A trained live-in carer not only provides the physical and emotional support an elderly client needs, but also gives family members who live far away, peace of mind and assurance that their loved one is being well-cared for in their own home.

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