UK Working Holiday Jobs for Australians

10 Reasons why you should consider becoming a Live in Caregiver

uk working holiday jobs, UK live in jobs, jobs for australiansMoving to the UK presents many challenges for Australians who have recently obtained a UK Working Holiday Visa and are now looking for UK working holiday jobs for Australians or jobs for Australians in Europe. Accommodation, jobs, tax codes, bank accounts, new phone numbers, new friends – all on top of where to see, what to do and how to afford it all. The UK is a long way from Australia and there is a lot to think about and even more to start planning. What does the ideal UK working holiday job even entail?

Flexible hours – so you can have time to explore the area you’re living in

Competitive pay – so you can afford to live in the area you’re living in as well as saving money to explore further parts of Europe

Minimal Commitment – so you can move on, as and when you want to continue your travels

The biggest hurdle that many come to face is finding UK working holiday jobs for Australians from Australia. What UK working holiday job in particular to start looking for? What area? Many turn to hospitality because hospitality is flexible and has a high turnover of staff. Pubs, Clubs, Bars, Cafes and Restaurants are always looking for staff and you don’t necessarily need experience either – but applying for these from abroad is often pointless when they have so many applicants walking in from off the street and meeting them face to face. Many places also want some form of longer term commitment – ideally 6 months – which is a large chunk of your UK Working Holiday. So, you start saving in Australia and trying to find somewhere to crash for when you arrive and hope that you land a UK working holiday job before your savings start to dwindle. Then you start getting in touch with roomies and suddenly start thinking how on earth can you afford the UK rent. How does anyone afford the UK rent? You google ‘UK Working Holiday Jobs for Australians’ and start applying for UK working holiday jobs with agencies, some who charge and some who don’t. Some offer accommodation, some don’t. Some charge a fee for something you’re not quite sure about – training perhaps, police checks maybe, a cut of your first paycheque, a starter pack to the UK of some sort. Before you know it, your departure date has arrived, you’ve promised your first paycheque to a third party you’ve never met and you’re heading to London and hoping for the best.

There are plenty of UK Working Holiday Jobs for Australians  that you can set up before your arrival in the UK. One of these, is live in care work. Becoming an ENA Caregiver in the UK can help you find your feet from the moment you arrive in England for those who need UK Working Holiday Jobs for Australians. It may not be a job you’ve heard of or perhaps one you haven’t considered before but like many Australian’s before you – here are a few reasons why you should consider becoming a UK Caregiver:

  1. Earn between £425-£500 per week. Care work is a decently paid role and can be financially rewarding. What’s more is your accommodation, bills and food allowance is included as you are caring for and living in somebody’s home during your placement. Which means after tax, you have minimal expenses and you can save most, if not all of, your earnings to travel around the UK in your spare time.

  2. Free Accommodation Provided – Save yourself the financial and mental headache of finding a place to live as soon as, if not before, you arrive in the UK. Hostels are expensive if you end up staying there long term and renting a room involves either a 6 month commitment, a first month’s rental deposit, setting up multiple bills/wifi contract or the hassle of needing to find someone to replace you as soon as you decide you want to move on. Live in Care work provides you with accommodation throughout your placement and each placement has a room specifically for the caregiver saving you a lot of money and aggravation of setting it all up yourself.

  3. No Experience Necessary – All training is provided to cover what the role of a live in caregiver requires. It certainly isn’t an easy role but it’s also not a role you can study for in a lecture hall or even summarise over a resume. Have you thought about what it takes to care for an individual with physical or mental disabilities? You need to be caring towards other humans, often putting others first before yourself. You need to be reliable, trustworthy and above all – kind. You provide those skills and we’ll provide the experience.

  4. Flexible Contracts – All you need to do is commit to each placement which range from between 6-12 weeks. In-between these placements you can come and go as you please, working as or when you need to without committing to a long term working contract.

  5. Free Training Provided – Our 5-day training course is completely free to new applicants and covers everything you need to know about becoming a live in caregiver for the ENA Care Group. What’s more, this course also includes free accommodation, breakfast and lunch. All you need to do is show up and provide your own evening meal.

  6. Training is provided weekly – starting every Monday and finishing every Friday. If you time your arrival right, you could go from the airport to the training accommodation and save yourself from the hassle of hostels, hotels or sofa surfing in your first week in the UK.

  7. Free Help Setting up a Bank Account and National Insurance Number – Help setting up a bank account is included during your first week of training. All the paperwork included in doing so i.e proof of address is covered so you don’t need to worry about finding long term accommodation or committing to a room renting contract to do so. Our training team also drive our new applicants to a local Bank so you can have all of your paperwork sorted and a Bank Account set up within your first week of arrival meaning you can start work and get paid as quickly as possible with minimal hassle. You also receive help setting up a National Insurance Number which is usually a simple phone-call that you can make from within our Head Office, all of which, is completely free.

  8. Rewarding Role – meeting, living with and supporting someone who needs extra assistance to be able to live in their home, doing normal everyday activities is undoubtedly a rewarding experience that takes you off the well trodden tourist path and places you in the home of an individual who will challenge, befriend and support you as much as you challenge, befriend and support them.

  9. Get a taste of England – with vacancies spread across England including the south, south east and some areas of western England in cities, towns and villages you may never even heard of before will place you in an area and a community you wouldn’t of thought of even visiting. You’ll be supporting an individual and accompanying them to places, meeting their friends or relatives and getting a taste of what it is to really live and be a resident of the UK.

  10. 20 years experience providing UK Working Holiday Jobs for Australians – from providing care work to Australians since 1994 our placements are set up for making everything as easy as possible for your arrival to the UK. We value our Australian Care Workers and want to make everything as simple and cheap as possible for you. That’s why our training is free, that’s why we include setting up a bank account for free, free food and free accommodation during our training and our placements. It is also why our contracts are long enough for you to save enough money but commitment free between placements. Why not read what our other Australian Working Holiday Caregivers have said about becoming an ENA Caregiver? Click here for more info.