Why I Became an Australian Live-in Carer in the UK

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I have done care work in Australia and was looking for a caring role whilst over here. The fact that the live in carer role is a rent free and bill free position was a huge draw card for me… Plus I hadn’t organised any long term accommodation either so a position like this would tick a lot of my boxes.

How did you hear about live in care?
Through facebook pages for travellers and word of mouth.

Why did you choose ENA?
I chose to become a live in carer for ENA because as soon as I started to inquire about a position, I was met with enthusiasm, understanding and disclosure. After researching the company a little bit more, I found that their work values and ethos were in line with my own and that their training program was both thorough and considerate [of novices in this industry and specific role] which really appealed to me.

What advice would you give to a future applicant?
I would tell any future live-in carer applicant that there is a time for work and a time for play… Put your head down and work hard during your placement contract and reap the benefits in your off time. As a live-in carer you’re gaining so much experience and opportunity in a position like this so make the most of it while you’re here.

Why would you recommend live in care and ENA to others?
I would easily recommend ENA to my friends and other potential live inĀ carers as their attitude, support and care for their staff is excellent. My introduction to this company and my ongoing support has been so thorough and great that I could not possibly find fault with with company and their staff members. Live in care is a fabulous opportunity to live in a new place, earn great money and learn someĀ  gratitude and compassion whilst developing great life skills and experience without even thinking about it. Work hard while you’re working and enjoy your time off when you have it.. It’s a no brainer really.