Cerebral Palsy

Specialist Cerebral Palsy Care Assistant

With over half of our clients living with cerebral palsy, we have been providing specialist cerebral palsy care assistants to individuals at home for over 2 decades. Our clients can be active with lots of plans and a busy social and work routine but need extra assistance with things like getting dressed, communicating or getting from one place to another.

The complexity of your needs are unique to you but your daily routine and your plans don’t need to halt. A cerebral palsy care assistant or PA can be there to assist as and when needed, so you can keep up with your hobbies and work schedule.

A Personal Cerebral Palsy Care Assistant

Having a one to one care assistant means you can have individual assistance throughout your day. Our cerebral palsy care assistants are trained to assist with; personal care, mobility transfers including manual handling and effective ways of communicating. They can help get you to everyday activities such as social visits or do light housework. They are also assessed by an external driving company during their first week of training to ensure a good standard.

In addition, our cerebral palsy carers can commit to 6-12 weeks per placement so you don’t need to re-explain your care needs to a new care assistant every fortnight. At the ENA Care Group, we understand that inviting a new care assistant into your home can be a daunting experience. Our Care Team works hard to find you a care assistant who matches your needs to make this transition as stress-free as possible.

Each of our carers completes training that has been overseen and contributed to by our clients with cerebral palsy.

A care assistant can help with all aspects of your day from getting up and dressed to getting in and out of the car to ensure you maintain your independence. We also have a multi-disciplinary team of care managers working from our head office who are qualified healthcare professionals including registered nurses. Combined with a team of healthcare professionals, a 24/7 fast response service and a team of on-call carers – you’ll soon notice why over 80% of our Clients recommend us to their friends.

“We realised that our co-ordinator cares about us and wants to do his absolute best to ensure that we get the care we’re entitled to. When we call our Co-ordinator or when he visits us, he always makes time to listen. Not once have we been made to feel like a nuisance” – Mr and Mrs B, Bedfordshire

Proud sponsors of the Southern All Star Boccia Team

The ENA Care Group have proudly sponsored the Southern All Star Boccia Team for the past few years and are presented on the SAS Team’s uniform.

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