As one of the first Companies to provide Live in Care to individuals who need a little extra assistance, we understand the importance of living independently at home. Founded in Hertfordshire, we have been training carers Nationwide to support people at home since 1994. With our vast experience providing full-time care, you’ll notice the difference in the professional support we offer.

Our Head Office Care Team includes Qualified Healthcare Professionals such as Registered Nurses and a Psychiatric Nurse who support our Clients and our Care Assistants so you can benefit from Medical and Professional advice from the comfort of your home.

What is Live in Care?

Live-in Care is for those who need support at home in order to live independently. A basic live-in care service is where a care assistant lives in your home and provides 6-8 hours of care over a flexible 24-hour period. If you require more than this, we can provide additional live-in carers who can ensure your care is covered throughout the day and night.

Live-in care can fit around you and your lifestyle. Trained care assistants can support individuals with tasks such as getting in and out of bed, dressing, and driving to social events and appointments. Our carers can also help with more specialist requirements such as peg feeding, catheter, and tracheostomy care.


Benefits of Live in Care

Everybody enjoys the comfort and familiarity of their own home. At the ENA Care Group, we know that this doesn’t change no matter what life throws at us. Together, with a live-in care service, we can ensure that an individual can live at home with any additional support they need from a live-in carer.

Live in care is a flexible and reliable solution to an individual’s care needs and means you can keep up with your social life and recreational activities as you please. One to one live-in care also means that your carer is able to provide constant care and companionship whenever you might need it.

Live-in care also helps individuals remain independent. Having a live-in care assistant helps to place the control of your life back into your hands. Simple tasks of arranging to meet a friend or preparing the meal you would like to eat that evening, tasks that should not be thought of as exceptional requests can easily be met with a live-in care service.

I hope that it is clear how life has improved for me since I had live in care. My confidence and manipulative skills have improved enormously. My long term regular carer deserves credit for this, she never takes over or offers to do things unless I ask her. For example, she would leave my make up a while before coming to put it away. While waiting I would try to put the lids back on, now I can do them all and put them back in the box with subsequent improvement in other manipulative tasks. In conclusion, thank you ENA and your carers, you have given me my life back.”

— Ms B, Hampshire

"I chose ENA as my care provider as their carers work for 3 months which not only gives me continuity of care but having a very busy lifestyle, lets me plan my life months, rather than days in advance"

"Since becoming an ENA client, I've become a much more confident person and have made some lasting friendships with my carers"

1Highly Trained Care Assistants

We hold high expectations of our live-in care staff which must be met before carers are asked to join our team. They must first pass our rigorous recruitment process which includes a training course which tests their care skills, driving skills and english language skills plus an extensive background check.

Our care assistants are trained to a high level in, personal care, nursing care and manual handling. They can also assist with more specialist care needs such as suctioning, peg feeding, tracheostomy care, catheter care, spinal injury care, and end of life care. Our carers must pass an external driving test to ensure a good standard and continually update their training. They also work alongside other healthcare professionals such as physios, OTs and speech and language therapists to assist at home where possible.

2Care Assistants who commit to 2-12 week placements

We ask our carers to commit to 2-12 week placements to promote continuity and help our clients build a working relationship with their carer. Our longer placements also help offer our clients additional flexibility as they can plan weeks in advance with a carer who understands and has familiarised themselves with their client’s routine and care needs.sible.

3Guaranteed Cover of Care

With our 24/7 fast response service, our qualified care team and our team of experienced on-call carers, we can ensure that our clients’ care is covered should an emergency arise.

4A Team of On-Call Emergency Carers

Our On-Call Carers are highly experienced carers who have worked with us for some time and with a variety of different individuals. Should something go amiss, we have a team of on-call carers who can step in at short notice to ensure your care is covered.

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