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Are you still recruiting through Covid-19?

Yes we are, but we are taking extra precautions to make sure that our staff, clients and carers are as safe as possible. This includes asking all candidates to fill out a Covid-19 questionnaire prior to attending training. If you are coming from overseas you will need to check your options on getting to the UK (travel corridors), and whether you need to apply for any exemptions to leave your home country.


How much will I be paid?

Our pay rates range from £500-£700 per week. You will be paid based on the individual needs of the client, as each placement is unique and varies in complexity. For example, you will be paid towards the lower end of the scale for clients with less complex care needs and towards the higher end for those with more complex needs.


Will I be living with the client?

Yes, you will be living in the client’s home during your placement but you will have your own room.


Can I work in a certain location if I am not flexible to work all over South and South East?

Most of our clients do live in and around the South East of England so we ask that you are flexible and able to work around these areas. We want to ensure that all of our carers have the opportunity to work at all times and that their location doesn’t limit that.


What is the working pattern?

Every client is different, so your case manager will brief you on specific working patterns prior to being placed with a client.


Does ENA cover transport?

No — you are required to organise your own transport. This includes when you first travel to our training and assessment week, as well as travelling to placements with clients.


Do I get a food allowance?

No — you will have to provide your own food while you are on placement.


How many hours per day do I have to work?

You will be living with the client 24/7 but your hands-on working hours will be approximately 8 hours per day, on average. However, there will be an element of flexibility within these hours as you will need to be available at all times, if your client is vulnerable or needs you in case of emergency.


When do I get to take a break?

You will have a 3 hour break every day, at different times in each placement depending on the client and their routine. Your case manager will discuss this with you prior to the placement commencing.


How long are placements for?

Our placements are flexible and we try our best to work around you. Our minimum placement is 4 weeks and the longest could be 12 weeks or longer, if you and the client are happy to keep working together long-term.

For overseas candidates, to get the most out of a working holiday, we recommend working hard in placements and then taking time off in between to travel and use the money you have saved.


Do I get to choose my client?

No, we match you with a suitable client based on your personality, hobbies and interests. We do this by asking you to write a short profile about yourself which clients will then be able to read. You will also have the opportunity to read about your client and then speak with them over the phone before you meeting them in person.


Do I need to be able to drive?

Not necessarily, but being able to drive is preferred. You will have more placements available to you if you can drive as it will give both you and the client more freedom to travel.


I already have care experience, why must I attend ENA’s training and assessment week?

ENA Care Group has a duty of care to make sure all of our carers working with our vulnerable clients have received full and updated training. We have to make sure all our carers are working confidently and fully understand the responsibilities of a live-in carer.

It is also a fundamental part of our recruitment process, important in getting to know you and being able to assess your performance, and enabling us to decide whether you will be a good fit for our company and clients.


What happens if I don’t pass the training and assessment week?

There are different reasons why you might not pass training and assessment week, which could include;

• Not passing our recruitment checks. This includes not obtaining positive references from your previous employers, or not disclosing any convictions that may appear on your DBS check.
• Not passing the Care Certificate & mandatory training provided.
• If your behaviour or attitude is unacceptable or cause for concern.

Should any of the above occur, you could be asked to leave at any point during the five days. Alternatively, one of our team will contact you after training and assessment week to let you know that you haven’t been successful. Employment is not guaranteed, for these reasons.


How soon can I work after training?

This all depends on how quickly your recruitment checks are completed, but one of our case managers will be in touch with you as soon as you have been cleared for work. This could take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.


How can I progress in my role?

We have lots of opportunities for personal development and to obtain further qualifications, find out more about our training & support package.

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