Live-in care

What is live-in care?

If you need support at home to enable you to live independently, you may choose to opt for live-in care. As an alternative to residential care, live-in care provides you with a carer who lives with you at home, supporting your day to day needs. Whether you need help with tasks around the home, with your mobility or medication, we can make your routine manageable and enable you to keep living in comfortable and familiar surroundings.

We’ve been providing live-in carers since 1994, so we understand exactly what is required of them. As one of the first companies to provide live-in carers in the UK, we know how important it is to live independently and to continue making life choices. With our extensive experience, you’ll notice the difference in the professional support we offer. Read more about choosing ENA as your live-in care provider here.
CQC inspected and rated good

An individual approach to care

Our care is driven by our original ethos – that every individual has the right to remain safe and secure in the comfort of their own home.

Fully flexible live-in care wraps around you and your lifestyle. Our live-in service is one-to-one and provides approximately eight hours of care each day, spread across 24 hours, seven days per week. If you need more than eight hours of care in a 24-hour period, we can provide additional live-in carers to support you through the whole day, as well as overnight.

A proportion of our head office team are also qualified healthcare professionals, such as registered nurses and other experienced industry professionals, so can support our clients as well as our carers, providing medical advice and professional guidance to you in the comfort your own home.

We understand that inviting a carer to live in your home can seem daunting. We’ll match you with someone you feel comfortable with, who understands your routine, your needs and your choices, by using our professional expertise and experience to support you through the whole process. Read more about our carers.

Those living with conditions as diverse as dementia, Parkinson’s, a spinal injury or multiple sclerosis could benefit from our live-in carers who are highly trained to deliver a service that nurtures and enables independence.

ENA is a member of the Live-in Care Hub, an association made up of like-minded live-in care providers dedicated to the advocacy of high-quality care. According to their research, 98% of people surveyed and receiving live-in care from hub members said the support they receive helps them to live a better quality of life at home. Read the Live-in Care Hub’s ‘Better at Home’ care report.

What some of our clients have said about our care

Live-in Care
“It is clear how life has improved for me since I have had live-in care. My confidence and manipulative skills have improved enormously. My long-term regular carer deserves credit for this – she never takes over or offers to do things unless I ask her. For example, she would leave my make-up for a while before coming to put it away. While waiting, I would try to put the lids back on, and now I can do them all and put them back in the box, with subsequent improvement in other manipulative tasks. In conclusion, thank you ENA and your carers – you have given me my life back.”

— Ms B, Hampshire

“Since becoming an ENA client, I’ve become a much more confident person and have made some lasting friendships with my carers.”

— Mr W, Hertfordshire

Types of live-in care

We understand that every person will have a unique set of care requirements, and therefore offer two types of live-in care service to meet our clients’ needs. It is important to weigh up the difference in cost when selecting care, but over and above this, the health benefits that come with our more comprehensive fully- managed care service.
Our fully-managed service is regulated and provides a good level of professional care-management and service, to ensure you always get the highest quality care at home. We also offer a purely introductory service, where we source and recruit a carer for you but you are responsible for employing, managing and paying them directly.

The fully-managed model

As a CQC-registered live-in care provider, we are regulated to supervise and manage the carers delivering your care. ENA builds a plan around you and your needs and provides carers with guidance around what tasks should be carried out, managing their performance and conducting physical supervisory visits as and when required (usually every 12 weeks). The carer is employed by ENA and therefore we take responsibility for payments such as wages, PAYE and national insurance. With this model, a week of live-in home care costs between £1,000 and £1,400.

The introductory model

With this model, we introduce carers and you engage them yourself; agreeing what you want them to do, how you want to live and what tasks they should carry out. You must be confident that the manner in which your carer carries out his/her tasks will not be subject to supervision, management or control by anyone. You must be able to sign a contract with the carer to demonstrate that the carer is genuinely self-employed. ENA introduces suitable (trained and background-checked) carers to you. The carer is self-employed and responsible for all of their tax and NI. With this model, a week of live-in home care costs between £800 and £900.

What live-in carers do

The level of care depends upon the initial plan of care but typically includes:


  • Meal-planning and cooking
  • Light housework, shopping and gardening
  • Pet care

Assistance with medication

  • Coordinating care with GPs, district nurses and other healthcare professionals
  • Continence support and catheter care
  • Monitoring of blood pressure, blood sugar, etc
  • Pressure care and support with wound management
  • Assistance with medication management/administration
  • Personal care
  • Washing and dressing
  • Grooming, such as make-up or shaving
  • Nail care (filing)

Emotional support

  • Companionship
  • Assistance to attend social clubs or events
  • Support in communicating with friends and family

Complex care

  • Nurse-led service with over 25 years experience
  • Management of complex conditions including Spinal Care, Bowel Management, Diabetes, Dementia, Epilepsy, PEG and Tracheostomy

The cost of live-in care

ENA is proud to offer a competitive and transparent care-fee structure, with no hidden costs or charges. Fully managed live-in care starts at £1,200 per week, depending upon the needs of the client, and can be more cost-effective for couples who require care at home over a care home, where you would effectively be paying double the cost. The benefits of one-to-one live-in care in comparison to a care home are immeasurable.

We can complete a care assessment of you or your loved one’s needs, free of charge. This can be completed in your home, at hospital or other chosen location, and will enable us to outline an accurate care fee. You should budget for care costs to rise annually by approximately 3%, in line with inflation and provider operating costs.


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