Live-in care FAQ


What is the cost of live-in care?

The cost of live-in care starts at £1,200 per week and is often a highly cost-effective option for couples requiring care at home.


How long do carers stay in a placement?

We aim to place carers for 8-12 weeks, to provide a greater level of continuity to the client. Carers often return to the same placement after a short break in cases where there has been a positive care experience.


How many hours a day does a live-in carer work?

On average, our live-in carers will work eight hours per day, hands-on in the home. These hours can often be flexible and wrap around the client’s needs.


Why does ENA give it’s carers a longer break than other care companies?

ENA’s model of care is to provide carers for longer periods of time (typically 8-12 weeks), whereas most other providers will provide a carer for 2 weeks, on average. Working for longer periods between holidays provides a greater level of continuity to the client in their care. However, we also strongly believe in looking our carers’ wellbeing, and so by giving longer daily breaks we can help to prevent fatigue and burnout.


What type of care does ENA provide?

ENA provides a fully-managed live-in care service.


In what areas do you provide care?

We provide live-in care throughout the whole of England and Wales.


What happens in an emergency where my carer has to leave?

ENA is one of the few companies that invest in having two on-call emergency carers employed to be able to step in the event of an emergency.


What facilities am I expected to provide for my live-in carer?

A separate bedroom, shared bathroom and cooking facilities, clean bedding and WiFi.


I’m concerned about the level of funding I have and the affordability of live-in care – can ENA help with advice and guidance?

Yes — our experienced team is on hand to provide advice and support in navigating the complexities of care funding.

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