Trialling live-in care

Many clients who come to ENA tell us they are unsure whether live-in care will be the best option for them or their loved one. Conversely, they might be looking to arrange care at speed. We created our live-in care trial to enable families to test whether our service is the best fit for them.

Our live-in care trial runs for a minimum of two weeks (and up to four weeks) to enable you to gauge the full impact and benefit that live-in care offers.

It can be very difficult to navigate the minefield that is social care, and the options available to you and your family. Making the right decision for the individual affected is very important, both financially and for the wellbeing of everyone involved. Decisions regarding care choices will often affect the rest of a person’s life and the less a person can move from one care provider to another, or indeed move home itself, is an important consideration.

Approximately 47% of family members we speak to find themselves thrust into making hurried decisions about care. Trialling live-in care provides you or your loved one with the speed, flexibility and uncompromised quality of care you may require at such short notice, over a trial period. This enables families to buy some time to make more considered care decisions centred around their loved one and best possible outcomes.

There is a common misconception that a care home is the only option for you or a loved one. Many people are unaware that live-in home care is a viable alternative, now more than ever, with various funding avenues available. Read more about funding your live-in care.

Care customer

How it works

Call or email one of our friendly care advisors and they will talk to you in depth about your needs and wants. They will also visit your home or requested place to complete a no-obligation care assessment.

This will enable us to prepare an accurate and adequate care package that takes into consideration the individual and their family, any health professionals as well as those in your community who are an enabling part of your life.

Every care plan we provide is completely holistic and tailored to the individual.


What does a live-in care trial cost?

Our live-in care trial starts at £1,400 per week, which is an all-inclusive cost. There are no additional charges for care assessments or the administration involved in building your care plan.

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