Dementia care within your own home

Jun 11, 2018

Dementia care in your own home

Thinking about dementia care? Let’s discuss live in care!

A dementia diagnosis whether recent or not, can be an incredibly daunting and confusing time. Not only for the patient but their family and friends as well. During the next few months, a new world of medication, hospital appointments and technical jargon can become overwhelming, adding to the already confusing symptoms of the illness, at a time where peace and familiarity are necessities.

One thing that crosses many patients and families minds is the care that may now be needed or in the future. Specialist dementia care is a must in many dementia cases and a thorough understanding of the illness and its symptoms is deeply important. Support of a carer is not only needed by the patient, but by their nearest and dearest too, so choosing the best type of care is paramount.

Managing symptoms of dementia

As anyone with experience of dementia knows, confusion is one of the most difficult symptoms to deal with. While the perplexity caused by the illness itself is often staggering, there are some actions that can be taken to avoid further disorientation.

Perhaps one of the most important needs of a dementia patient is familiarity, which is sadly becoming overlooked by many care homes. Recent studies have shown that receiving regular care from a specific carer or carers, in a familiar environment can dramatically reduce stress in the patient, therefore impacting their overall wellbeing and possibly the degeneration of the disease. While the brain of a healthy adult can process changes and alteration to routine fairly easily, it can become extremely distressing and disorientating for an adult with dementia.

Unfortunately, many care homes now run on a shift basis, in a large home with many staff, a patient may not see the same carer twice in one week. On top of this, due to the nature of the industry, many care companies see staff come and go often, leaving them no choice but to hire and train people quickly. Meaning, their clients are often subject to familiar faces being replaced with strangers on a regular basis.

Our dementia care services

At ENA we offer a live-in care service, meaning our clients get to stay in their own homes. Not only is this vital to their continuity of care, it also helps them to maintain their sense of independence, giving them control over their lives at a time where they may feel as if they are losing it. Our clients will stick to their own schedule, continuing their lives they way they want to. Our carers are not only on hand to provide highly skilled care at all times of the day or night, but also accompany clients to any meetings or social activities they may wish to attend. We also have links to many organisations and groups to help keep our clients social and motivated. Our training is also lead by a trained Dementia Friend.

The familiarity of staying in their own home dramatically reduces disorientation in our clients, meaning they feel safe and secure. While they are not ushered around to participate in activities they may have little interest in, they are also encouraged to continue taking part in activities they do enjoy.

Our carers understand that a dementia diagnosis does not define a person and that our clients retain their own personalities. Having a sole carer means that relationships are formed between our carers and clients, and a deeper understanding of their personal needs can be established. Engaging with a familiar face on a daily basis is increasingly beneficial and we pride ourselves on being able to offer this important facility to all our clients.

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