Your Life Story — create a life story book with Dementia UK

Feb 14, 2020

Create a Life Story book with Dementia UK

Dementia UK has created a template to create a ‘Life Story Book’. Asking users to build a personal biography supported by friends, family or care workers. We don’t have to have a story that’s good enough for a movie to enjoy the small moments we have had with friends and family. Remembering a first date with someone special, a gin and tonic on a summers evening, a road trip to the coast. Our life stories are full of so many memories. Nowadays, we record so much of our daily lives on our phones and social media accounts. What we eat, where we visit, who we spend time with are all recorded over thousands of images, voice notes and videos. Before smartphones, these types of memories were meticulously recorded in photo albums. Sitting down once a month with developed photographs carefully chosen to reflect year to year in a family photo album.

Some of these photos are proudly displayed on countertops, hallways and bedroom tables. As we get older, we have created so many memories, they can be harder to recall. Photos can bring back happy memories and remind us of that moment in time.

For those suffering from Dementia, symptoms are widely recognised to affect that person’s memory. Depending on which type of dementia a person has, symptoms affect each of us individually. People may find it difficult to remember recent events – names and faces. Getting lost or forgetting where you are. Your personality might be affected causing a person to act unusually depressed or frustrated. Sometimes, hallucinations are a symptom of dementia. Everyday tasks may become more challenging – forgetting how to use a TV remote, when to eat or drink and leaving the stove on. Each of us can become frustrated, panicked or scared when we forget something or become lost. For those suffering from Dementia, this can be a frequent occurrence.

For a more detailed list of the types of dementia and their symptoms, Alzheimer’s Research UK has created an extensive guide: Read Here.

Dementia UK has created a Life Story Book for friends, family and carers to help someone complete with their own memories. During moments of confusion, recalling happy memories or helping a person remember who they are and where they are has been proven to help. Just like when someone locates a missing phone or keys, and you find yourself back on a road you recognise.

In this storybook, you can record childhood memories, where you used to work, who you are married to, your pets names and memories about any children or significant relationships you have. Including photographs and even links to music can help a person remember that time and place. It creates an opportunity for you to hear memories and help them record moments that may be forgotten in time. Together, a life story book can collect photos from travels and holidays as well as create a clearer picture of who a person is. They can write down what they like to be called, their hobbies and interests, what they like to eat and even what they like to wear.

To download a Life Story Template template: Click Here

Having a Life Story Book can help that person identify who they are in moments of confusion. If that person has a carer, it can be a personable guide that they can go through together and help develop a better understanding of how a carer can provide personable care. Taking note of how a person likes to dress, what fragrance they might like to wear or small daily tasks such as how they like their bed made.

Having a Live-in carer to help someone living with Dementia provides a consistent and familiar routine by one person who develops a personal understanding of the person in their care. Live-in care has been proven to be more beneficial than dementia care homes as it allows a person to remain in their familiar surroundings and attended to throughout the day by one healthcare worker as opposed to a team providing care to an entire home. To find out more about the care services we provide, why not give our team a call today? Or find out more by visiting our live-in care page.