ENA Care Group donates to Dementia Group, CST Today

Oct 7, 2019

ENA Care Group recently paid a visit to CST.Today in Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire. The trip was to see the vital work they do in the community providing services to those living with Dementia. The event held on the day marked a year in CST’s new home.

Mitch Miller, Managing Director and Sonia Thacker, Registered Manager for ENA Care Group, met Debbie Baker who founded and runs the group. Debbie was crowdfunding to raise £1,500, ensuring the group could continue to offer events to those living with Dementia in the local community. Weekly events include both cognitive and physical activities, such as gentle exercise to music, singing, dancing, and quizzes.

ENA Care Group was extremely willing and pleased to be able to help contribute to the crowdfunding campaign by donating £450 to  CST.Today.

Managing Director, Mitch stated “It is heart-warming to see such amazing people like Debbie found and volunteers run a group such as this. It is an under-valued and under-funded resource by local authorities, providing an incredible lifeline to those living with Dementia in the local community. I’m very pleased that our company was able to contribute to such an amazing cause and give something back to the community and those living with Dementia.”

You can read more about the day on the Stortford Observer website.

To donate to CST.Today, please visit their website.