ENA renews Sponsorship with Southern All Star Boccia Team

Feb 10, 2020

ENA Care Group is proud to renew its sponsorship of the Southern All Star Boccia team. ENA provided the team with a brand new iPad to facilitate improvements in the team’s training. The iPad will enable the team to be able to monitor scoring, review statistics and video record training sessions to look for opportunities to improve performance.

The iPad was presented by ENA’s Managing Director – Mitch, who attended a local tournament to watch the team play. The tournament was held by Boccia England at the Sports Village on-site at the University of Hertfordshire. Mitch stated:

“It was an extremely proud moment to be able to renew our partnership with the Southern All Star Boccia team. Watching players compete is always interesting and sport can play such an important part in people’s lives. It was great to see how inclusive Boccia is as a sport and was impressed as to how it clearly helps adults with disabilities to foster a skill such as self-confidence, enable friendships and prevent social isolation.

I was amazed to learn the Boccia has a considerable number of competing categories to enable people with an array of disabilities to access the sport. I also had the privilege of spending some time with Chris Ratcliffe, the CEO of Boccia England, he explained to me that the sport of Boccia is becoming increasingly popular, but the challenge is really helping people to understand from an early age that they can access the sport, this gives them the best chance of competing at the highest level early on.

We’re very proud that a number of our clients participate in Boccia as a sport and believe that our live-in care service enables adults to exercise choice and control in their lives.”

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