Let’s talk about multiple sclerosis

Apr 21, 2021

MS Awareness Week 2021

At ENA we don’t just provide care and support. We are passionate about the conditions we specialise in and champion the individuals who live with those conditions. Understanding both the person and their health challenges is vital in order to provide the optimum support we pride ourselves on.

It is with this in mind that we are delighted to support this year’s Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week, which is themed around increasing public understanding of MS and empowering people living with MS to feel confident talking about their condition.

Talking about MS

We support many individuals with MS, all of whom experience it differently. Our initial role is to put you at your ease. We aim to get to know all of our clients and provide bespoke advice for their individual circumstances. We never underestimate, however, how hard it can be to pick up the phone to make that first call, or indeed to tap out a message on a keyboard.

As human beings we are often reluctant to ask for help or admit it is needed. What we aim to do as a care provider is to make the experience of seeking care, and talking about multiple sclerosis (or any other condition), a positive experience. We generally find that after any initial nervousness, most people are able to share their health challenges and how they are affecting their day-to-day life with our supportive and compassionate team.

If you are still feeling uneasy talking about your MS, we’d recommend reading the ‘Coming out’ stories that have been published by the Multiple Sclerosis Society. They talk about some of the challenges people living with MS have faced when talking about their MS and what helped those individuals.

What does making contact with ENA about live-in multiple sclerosis care involve?

If you are living with MS and seeking care then we will of course ask about your MS, how it affects you, what helps you, what makes things worse, but we also want to know about you as a person, because you are more than your diagnosis. It is only by getting to know the backgrounds, routines and preferences of our clients that we can truly personalise the care and support we offer.

How does having live-in care make life with MS easier?

Our live-in carers are highly trained in multiple sclerosis and understand how to provide optimum care and support. Our clients with MS find that having someone who really understands their condition is a huge benefit in a society that sometimes doesn’t.

We know that MS fatigue isn’t just the normal tiredness anyone might experience at the end of the day. It’s an all-consuming exhaustion that means you will have to rest. The benefit of having a live-in carer is that whatever might need to be done at home can be accomplished by your live-in carer whilst you get that much needed rest.

We know that problems with balance and dizziness are a significant symptom of MS, and they can be a really big problem, affecting many people’s mobility and making falls more likely. Having a live-in carer means that you will have the support you need to move around as safely as possible and, lockdown restrictions permitting, you can enjoy getting out and about again.

We know too that vision problems, pain, and stiffness and/or spasms are all part of many people’s experiences of MS, as are the other symptoms that we talk about on our dedicated multiple sclerosis page.

Your best life possible with MS

Whatever your symptoms, our clients with MS overwhelmingly tell us that they are united in wanting a life that enables as much independence, activity, connectivity and fulfillment as possible. Helping you to set your goals from the very start of your care and support package with us is a vital part of our initial conversations about your MS.

So, however hard you might find talking about your MS in wider-society, know that you will always have a knowledgeable, listening and understanding ear when you contact us.

Find out more about how ENA Care Group could support you or your family by calling 0800 4334 413 or emailing .