Live-in interim care

For many individuals and families, the need to find professional care is often urgent and stressful, particularly if a person has been unexpectedly ill or injured. Unless the individual needing care has made specific plans, this can mean frantically exploring local care providers and many families believing that a care home may be their only option.

At ENA we are passionate about offering another option – live-in care. We know that decisions about care are often difficult and individuals and families worry about getting them right, so we offer interim care which keeps the person safe and well in their own home whilst they and their family (if they have one) take their time to make an informed long-term care decision.

Like all of our live-in care services, our interim care is highly personalised, offering dignified and respectful side-by-side support from highly trained and vetted live-in carers. Our interim care maximises a person’s independence, choice and control, and involves working closely with the person and their family (if they have family involved in their life) as everyone considers what the best long-term care option will be.

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What is interim care?

Live-in interim care is a short-term package of in-home support, usually for four to six weeks, that provides all of the care and support that the person needs within their familiar and comfortable home environment.

Interim care enables a person to be discharged safely from hospital back to their home, or to keep the person at home if they have recently developed additional health issues or care needs, whilst the person and/or their family consider the best long-term care option for them.

Our interim care can support people with many different needs, from companionship and general support with mobility and tasks of daily living, to care for specific conditions that include:

We can also provide complex care for individuals with high dependency needs, and end-of-life care if a person is on a palliative care pathway.

Reasons to consider live-in interim care

Our clients have many reasons for choosing our live-in interim care service, including $
$ The person is ready to be discharged from hospital but they/their family haven’t yet decided what long-term care service would be the best option for them.
$ A person living at home has developed additional health issues or care needs that mean they need a rapid package of care put in place if they are to remain safe and well at home.
$ Family members/friends aren’t able to provide the care that is now needed, but the person and/or their family are undecided about the person moving into a residential home or a care home.
$ The person/their family carer want to try live-in interim care with a view to potentially having longer-term live-in care.

Key elements of ENA live-in interim care

ENA interim care is highly personalised, side-by-side care and support that includes:

  • Support to enable the person to manage any health conditions that they have, including adhering to a medication regime, pain management, and continuing with any treatment, rehabilitation, diet or exercise plans.
  • Any personal care support that the person needs. This could include help with washing, dressing, using the toilet and any pampering regimes that the person enjoys.
  • Nutrition and hydration support including meal planning, food preparation and help to eat and drink.
  • Emotional and mental health support alongside friendship to alleviate any loneliness or isolation that the person is experiencing.
  • If a person is at risk of falls, we will undertake a risk assessment and support a person to move around safely and minimise their risk of falls.
  • Support to get out and about, including to shop or participate in leisure or social activities.
  • Help with hobbies and activities that the person enjoys.
  • Support with domestic tasks as required, including looking after pets.

The benefits of ENA live-in interim care

In-home interim care will mean different things to different people, but some of the benefits associated with having a live-in carer to provide interim care and support at home include:
Personalised, one-to-one support that enables the person to return home or remain at home with all of their familiar possessions and routines.
Physical and mental health support for the person needing care, including specialist support for common health conditions and companionship for the person.
A comprehensive care plan that is created before interim care begins with the full involvement of the person needing care and their family (if they have family members involved in their life). This plan enables our live-in carer to get to know the person needing care as quickly as possible to ensure the most optimum support is provided from the very first day of interim care.
The ability for the person and their family/friends to spend their time together as they wish, rather than family members/friends being unpaid carers.
Peace of mind for the person and their family that the person will be safe and well at home whilst they consider all available long-term care options. ENA live-in carers keep daily electronic care and medication records, which we can provide access to (with consent) if family members are geographically spread out and would like to monitor the care that is being delivered.
Help with housework, laundry, cooking and anything else that is needed at home.
The possibility to extend interim care into a longer-term care package if this is wanted.

What in-home interim care services do ENA offer?

We provide live-in interim care for a few weeks whilst a person who needs care and/or their family consider their long-term care options to decide what is truly the right choice for the person.

Our interim care offers all of the benefits of our longer-term care packages but crucially individuals and families aren’t tied into a long contract. We ask for 2 weeks’ notice if you wish to terminate your interim live-in care package, and (with your consent) we will work with another provider during a handover period to share care plans etc to ensure a safe and successful transition of care.

Alternatively, like many of our interim care clients you may quickly grow to love the truly personal and bespoke nature of live-in care and want to continue with ENA live-in care. Your interim care package can seamlessly transition into a longer-term care and support package with all of the benefits of continuity of care if this is your choice.

If you are looking for a shorter period of live-in care than our interim care provides, you might want to take advantage of our 2-4 week trial to see if live-in care fits yours or your relative’s needs and expectations.

What is involved in setting up interim care at home?

As we look to set up your live-in interim care service, we will aim to match you or your relative with a live-in carer who shares some of your interests or hobbies, and whose company you will enjoy. We want our clients to feel relaxed and happy with their live-in carer, so compatibility is vital. If, in the unlikely event, you feel your live-in carer isn’t right for you we will aim to find someone more suitable.

We will visit you/your relative to complete an assessment with absolutely no obligation to proceed. During this visit we will create a bespoke care plan which will involve carefully documenting all of yours/your relative’s healthcare needs. We will work with any professionals involved in yours/your relative’s care, including understanding the discharge plan if you/your relative are currently in hospital. We will also ensure we are fully aware of your wishes and preferences. All of our live-in carers know the importance of never taking over your home or doing more than you would wish for them to do.

To ensure comprehensive and safe support, all of our live-in carers are fully trained and vetted to give you complete peace of mind. Many of our live-in carers have extensive experience in providing interim care and bring a wealth of knowledge and good practice to their interim care provision.

Should you choose to continue with our live-in care beyond the interim care period, we will look to keep the same carer with you for as long as possible (our carers usually remain with their clients for 8-12 weeks at a time), before going through our usual careful matching process to introduce you to a new carer.

Is interim care at home the right option for me/my family?

Live-in interim care provides all of the support a person needs whilst they/their family consider the best long-term care option for them.

Interim care allows everyone involved in that decision-making process to carefully and comprehensively consider all available options for longer-term care and support, whilst ensuring the person’s care and support needs are being met. Best of all, because our interim care is provided in the person’s own home, it means that they can enjoy all of the benefits of their familiar environment in safety and comfort.

Choosing care during a crisis is often the worst time to make a decision. Our live-in interim care service gives you time and space to make an informed choice that you will be happy with long-term.

How much does in-home interim care cost?

The cost of our live-in interim care starts at £1,400 per week. Many people find it is highly cost-effective compared to a residential home or a care home.


Contact us to discuss your interim care needs

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